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Since the dawn of entertaining the pineapple has
been the symbol of hospitality and welcome. Presenting this
rare delicacy to your guests was considered the pinnacle of
table design and the highest honour.

That’s why it’s our symbol &
you are the pineapple of our eye!


Every event is unique, so once we have taken your
detailed brief, we deliver fresh ideas, delicious menus
& peerless service to create occasions with their
own distinctive flavour. Food is just the beginning…

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We create events that tell your story.
Our creative approach extends to everything
you need to build a complete experience.

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The original party activists, we are at the vanguard of
sustainable event catering. Through careful sourcing, keeping
waste to a minimum & working closely with charities, we treat
our environment with respect & cater with care.

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We passionately believe that it is up to every one of us,
be it consumer, chef or event caterer, to make a responsible choice.
By working with like-minded organisations, we will ensure that
we place ethical responsibility, knowledge & education in the
mind of all members of our team.


Our awards & accreditations include

“Three Stars demonstrates an exceptional standard of sustainability – going above, beyond & pushing the boundaries of how restaurants & event caterers can be run!”

Rare is the first event caterer to join the Sustainable Restaurant Association & we were pivotal in redesigning the rating system with the SRA to measure sustainability in event catering.


By working with like-minded organisations, we will ensure that we place ethical responsibility, knowledge & education in the mind of all members of our team. Our aim is to reconnect our gastronomy with all the aspects of our food production; be it soil, ecosystems or our own farming land & producers. Every choice we make must be responsible, so we can help create a sustainable food chain.


Rare is committed to improving its environmental impact on the local & global community through ethical & sustainable policies. We encourage & influence our staff, suppliers & clients to help us create a more sustainable business.


We choose our suppliers carefully & visit producers whenever possible. This means we are satisfied that acceptable standards of stocking densities, medication & feed are met (allowing us to assure our clients’ safety). We rely on reputable assurance schemes & government-regulated standards. We take pride in these high standards & our clients should expect nothing less.


  • Our eggs must be free-range or organic.
  • 30% or more of our cheese is from British artisan producers & the remainder of all our cheese comes from within Europe.
  • Data sheets are kept for all produce.
  • We ensure all suppliers/produce fall/s under at least one of our chosen assurance schemes.
  • We carry out regular tasting sessions on all produce to include local, recommended, past, present & new suppliers to find the best quality product.


  • To respect the rules of seasonality.
  • To use produce from local farms & growers as much as possible.
  • To endeavour not to use any genetically modified (GM) produce.
  • To use organic where possible – if not we use a quality assurance scheme such as LEAF.
  • To carry out periodical tasting sessions on all produce.
  • To use our experience & knowledge so we can choose food which is traceable, ethical & from a sustainable source.


We adhere to the following principles when buying fish & seafood:

  • Our suppliers to be accountable & responsible.
  • To not utilise fish during their spawning season.
  • To ensure we know the minimum size for all species we use.
  • To use fish caught by sustainable, ethical methods for each species, as advised by MSC (i.e. line caught, hand dived, etc.).
  • We only serve fish that is rated 1-3 by the MCS.
  • When sustainable fisheries are unavailable, we will use fish from the best quality, organically farmed fisheries.

We buy solely from R. Green Fisheries as they are committed to sourcing sustainably & we applaud their strict sourcing policies & provenance.


  • All meat products must be free-range as a minimum standard & organic where possible.
  • Data sheets to be kept for produce.
  • To ensure all suppliers/produce falls under at least one of our chosen assurance schemes.
  • To carry out periodical tasting sessions on all produce.
  • Game suppliers to have current licenses & periodic audits by law.


  • Can crushing scheme.
  • Fat waste recycling.
  • Glass & paper recycling.
  • Using tap water or if not Belu water as our primary supplier.
  • Food waste recycling.
  • Initiating energy & water use audits.
  • We use greenplanet 100% recycled chlorine free print paper & an eco-printer.


  • At Rare we treat our staff with respect & care.
  • We pay every team member above the London living wage & supply every team member, even freelancers with a contract.
  • We offer free staff meals, training & supplier visits as well as other rewards & incentives.
  • We regularly recruit through charity & restorative recruitment agencies.


  • We work closely with chosen charities & schools.
  • We hire some key members of our team through restorative recruitment organisation Working Chance.
  • We encourage staff to get involved in various initiatives.
  • We offer direct assistance to environmental & community arts based charities & deliver excess food to our local hospice.

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“Rare are sustainable
event creators with a
dedicated team of talented
chefs & waiters. They bring
our Hemsley + Hemsley
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