Are you veda?

05 / 06 / 17

Say hello to “Ayurveda” or the science of life. Ayurveda is the sister of yoga & the world’s oldest system of healing, originating from India thousands of years before the development of modern medicine.

Ayurveda incorporates modern developments & techniques along with ancient wisdom &§ offers a personalised approach to healthcare. Its main principle teaches that we all have a unique constitution or mind/body type known as our “dosha”, which is our individual psychobiological makeup. Knowing your mind/body type or “dosha” allows you to make optimum choices regarding your diet, exercise, lifestyle and so on.

According to Ayurveda, every individual is made up of the five basic elements found in the universe: space, air, fire, water and earth. These five elements combine into the three fundamental energies or doshas. Ether & air constitute Vata, which is the energy of movement, fire and water constitute Pitta, the principle of digestion or metabolism & water and earth make up Kapha, the energy of structure and lubrication.

Everybody inherits a unique mix of the three doshas, therefore everybody has a totally unique makeup, a unique personality. Often, one dosha can predominate. Health depends on this knowledge, and maintaining this proportion in balance.

Before she discovered the beauty of Ayurveda and the concept that “not one size fits all” health-wise, Anika, a qualified Ayurvedic nutritionist and therapist had struggled with her health considerably in the past.

Having tried and tested almost every health fad out there, from high intensity interval training to kale smoothies, with no success, Anika visited an Ayurvedic doctor in Goa in 2014. She was struggling to understand why she was experiencing digestive discomfort, fatigue, low immunity and general exhaustion, when she thought she was doing everything right.

The doctor revealed her predominant dosha or body type as “Vata” and revealed that this body type consisting of mainly the space and air elements functioned optimally on warm cooked grounding foods, such as well spiced soups/stews alongside a lower intensity exercise programme incorporating yoga, Pilates, walking and gentle swimming. After undertaking a full Ayurvedic reset programme in India, Anika felt better than ever and went on to obtain a diploma in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Wellness to deepen her knowledge and understanding.

Understanding that each dosha or body type has different nutritional requirements, Anika’s Ayurvedic bowls are perfectly balanced to suit each individual. Grounding Vatas with warming spices such as cloves and cardamom, cooling pittas with hints of coconut and saffron and energising kaphas with ginger and cilantro; each bowl has been carefully tailored to provide a delicious and super nourishing dining experience bursting with a variety of colours, textures and flavours to suit your individual needs.

Rare has decided to work with Anika to produce some Ayurvedic lunches as part of our gourmet drop off service.

As part of our collaboration we have produced Vata, Pitta & Kapha bowls, desserts & drinks from Anika’s gorgeous recipes which will leave you feeling more balanced, energised and healthier in a targeted way. You can take a test to check which dosha is your predominant one before you eat.

We can also produce fully bespoke menus & events following the principples of avurveda, along with Ani. Get in touch if you’ like to talk to us about an event.

If you want to take your own steps on the Ayurvedic journey & discover your mind/body type visit or contact Anika at [email protected] to understand what will work for you personally to achieve and maintain your optimum health and weight. We can’t recommend her highly enough.