25 / 04 / 19

Whether, you’re vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian or have allergies or food intolerances at Rare we ensure we’ve got every eventuality covered.

By plumping for a vegan menu, you can swerve many of your no-nos & enjoy a nutritious, delicious & visual feast.

For us 2019 is the year of the vegan BBQ.

Our fab menus include all the usual vibrant salads and sides that complement the smoky, caramelised, char-grilled goodies.

This summer these are just some of the delights we are rocking from the coals:

Jerk grilled eggplant

Smoky pulled carrot buns

Vegan maple smoky beans

Amazing vegan sticky seitan short ribs

Cauliflower aquafaba hot wings

Fake steaks – miso aubergine topped with roast portabello

Sage, honey & roast pepper corn bread

Juicy “rare” vegan burgers

Smoky sesame crusted tofu dogs with kimchi relish

Grilled avocado with harissa hummus & tahini plant-based yoghurt

Even your most carnivorous guests are guaranteed to be thrilled by these grills.

Get in touch to talk through your summer BBQ menu.

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