Magical eclectic dessert stations

17 / 01 / 18

Move over doughnut wall there’s a new kid in town. Like bake-off on speedballs, sweet stations are headed next level.

The refresh sees your wedding cake served alongside, bundts, jellies, brownies & blondies, bright meringues, éclairs, pies, mousses, fools, churros, canelés, madeleines, tarts, trifles, cookies & fruits for those who don’t care to indulge.

Create a sweet garden with toasted meringue s’mores pop “flowers” growing from the living grass. A strawberry shortcake station is a simple but striking summer delight or an edible terrarium (pictured here).

Serve from dressers or repurposed chests of drawers smothered in flowers & carefully chosen vessels to display your puds. It’s all about the styling & the irresistible sugar rush of course…