Rock my wedding

24 / 10 / 17

One of our favourite weddings from this year featured in Rock my wedding! Check out what the lovely Hannah & Chris had to say about us……..

“With Chris being a chef, and me just loving food generally, the caterer was always going to be really important. We were having lots of chefs, people who work in hospitality and just general foodies, so it had to be right. We spent a long time going through all sorts of options, from street food, to bowl foods to pizza! Eventually we found Rare, run by Kate and her amazing team. The brief was that we wanted our dinner to have a feel of a big, noisy family dinner, food in the middle of the table, with everyone sharing, and they really did deliver. We had slow cooked lamb with some amazing fresh salads, followed by a doughnut wall, mini trifles and mini magnums.

Our wedding cake was a cake made of cheese rounds by the wonderful West Country Cheese and the evening food were some beautifully, colourful, textural charcuterie board. We have been told a lot of our guests it was the best food at a wedding they had ever had, so I can only say thank you to all of the guys for that!’

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