A New Leaf

28 / 01 / 15

2015 is the year of the vegetable.

With sustainability at the top of the agenda for many, superbly produced meat is becoming more of a treat and creatively prepared vegetables are fast becoming the new stars of menus.

Our fellow SRA member chef Bruno Loubet of Rare favourite The Grain Store has recently taken beef off the menu. The wonderful Palomar restaurant features such signature vegetarian dishes as Kubana Yemeni pot bread & their delectable Jerusalem style polenta.

Ingredients-wise, this year the ubiquitous kale has made way for caulifower, chard & seaweed. Cauliflower is going undercover in everything from pizza bases, pretending to be tabouleh and is even masquerading as “rice”. Very good it is too, in all its’ guises. Cauli’s anti-inflammatory properties & surfeit of vitamins can only bring it out from all this subterfuge & further into the culinary limelight.

The humble spud is being elbowed-out by roots such as celeriac & kohlrahbi. Foraged herbs, flowers & wild vegetables pack flavour punches, so small amounts go a long way when paired with a more familiar taste.

Nutrient-dense sprouted seeds & micro-greens add texture to dishes when served raw. Roasting old favourites like brussel sprouts in coconut oil & pickling beets in organic vinegars & gastrics enhance the dietary benefits and upgrade the flavours, which would have been boiled away in times gone by.

The proliferation of the “Paleo” movement means we are working with an increasing number of wheat-free alternatives. The obsession with quinoa in recent years has pushed up prices as supply tries to keep up with demand. So we have been experimenting with millet, amaranth and teff as tasty, protein-rich alternatives.

We are seeing increased demand for fully vegetarian & vegan menus for corporate events, weddings & private celebrations and we are thoroughly enjoying getting creative with the infinite colours, textures & flavours vegetables offer.

If you’d like us to help turn over a new leaf for your menu please call us on 0207 4280313 or fill in our event contact form.