Black Pearl

27 / 02 / 14

While hunting for new ingredients and like-minded companies, we have been enjoying delicious Exmoor Caviar provided to us by Shah Caviar, a London-based wholesale caviar supplier.

Much like many of the suppliers that we work with, Shah is a small, family-run business that pride themselves on supplying the market with only the finest quality produce, whilst leading in the change for a sustainable, ethical and locally driven caviar industry.

There has historically always been some degree of controversy surrounding the trade of Caviar. Various halts have been called on its production over the years as the sturgeon neared extinction. And as modern society dictates, where ever there is money there is also usually corruption, be it oil, diamonds or in this case caviar.

To prevent any further scandal in its trade, an international agreement was established between governments with the aim to ensure that the international market in specimens of wild animals does not threaten their survival.

Twenty years ago, all caviar came from the Caspian Sea and the caviar trade was dominated by a handful of caviar traders from Iran and Russia. However, since the introduction of this CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) in 1998, and the totally understandably growing demand for compassionate, sustainably produced sturgeon caviar, the caviar industry has now grown into a global sustainable farming business.

There are now over 200 farms spanning across the world, all committed to farming sturgeon ethically for the production of true caviar.

To help the consumer choose the right product, there is now a CITES code on the bottom of every sustainably and correctly named tin so that the authenticity of the caviar and its origins can be verified.

Traditionally eaten from one of our mother of pearl spoons (metal taints the delicate pearls) or straight from the skin on the back of the hands we suggest the twist of a delicately earthy beetroot & buckwheat blini as a perfect side.

Some of the nations ‘s more experimental chefs suggest serving caviar with white chocolate- this combo is not to be found on our menus!

We prefer to serve this fabulous product as the focal point of an all-British canapé menu, as a super-luxe garnish of a fish main course or even in an individual 10gram tin for each of your guests as the most fabulous starter.

As with all aspects of Rare’s food preparation and production, we seek sustainable, ethically produced ingredients sourced from Britain. Most importantly, we seek scrumptious additions to our menus.

And let us tell you- this caviar is pop-then-melt in your mouth delicious…