Celebrations Abroad

19 / 06 / 14

As the world gets smaller thanks to new air routes and ever more convenient ways to get around, we find ourselves organizing many more weddings and celebrations all around Europe.

In fact, we write this very piece from the heart of the Vendée in Western France. We are here at one of the most stunning venues we work with, the world-renowned Chateau de la Goujeonnerie.

This year, as well as our stint in Cannes and events at stunning French Chateaux such as the glorious Chateau Jaslenes in Vernantes, we will be arranging events in Ibiza, Dublin & Germany.

Our team is fluent in a range of European languages and we have fabulous contacts and local suppliers across Europe who can help with provisioning and production aspects. This native intelligence is a must for getting exactly what you need, when you need it.

Insider knowledge is crucial & we have access to many wonderful private venues and settings such as the chic & intimate 16th Century Taverna al Monte set in a series of adjoining medieval towers between Tuscany & Umbria. We can even furnish you with your own Bond-villain style island off the coast of Ibiza accessed by boat or helicopter with it’s own super-villa in the centre.

There are many reasons to take your guests away to celebrate, key among these is the likelihood of decent weather. Although by no means a certainty, the odds are certainly better for a decent spot of sunshine than back in Blighty.

Surprisingly enough it can also be a way of saving money, as the number of invitees tends to become more manageable when a “slash and burn” approach is taken to your travelling guest list.

These benefits woven together with regional specialities, superb ingredients, well-priced drink sourced in situ and indigenous cultural influences can be combined to dazzling effect.

A superb celebration and holiday in one can truly be a sublime and unforgettable way to push the boat (helicopter, train or plane) out!

If you’re planning a celebration abroad, or seeking some international experience in creating a bespoke menu or event, why not get in touch and see how Rare can help.