Divas, dictators & terrorists

19 / 06 / 13

A leafy private close in Fulham was transformed into a deep red & gold lair for the night.

Our fabulous birthday girl, Eva Peron, played hostess to a surreal guest list including a resurrected Colonel Gaddafi, Katy Perry in all her cupcake-breasted glory, an exceptional Freddy Mercury and many more (if we told you who, we’d have to kill you).

Dictator-chic flowers, a bespoke red tent made to cover the whole garden complete with huge gold glitter balls & a range of explosive props including golden AK47s adorned the gold & animal print furnishings.

Even Baroness Thatcher (RIP) put in an appearance, driving the crowd wild with her swan song at the piano.

Our fierce-looking lady bodyguards patted guests down before entry through the airport scanner and marched them down to Camp Delta & the basement prison cells for mugshots by fantastic photographer Jack Wiseman.

Guests feasted on rare delicacies, sipped Diva cocktails with diamond swizzles and danced until dawn.

Our wonderful client sent us the loveliest thank you.

“Hello darling ladies!!! For once in my life I am almost unable to say how I feel in words!!! Your vision, professionalism, organisational skills, ability to integrate (and often interpret) clients needs- your polite lovely charming, nothing-is-ever-too-much-trouble staff, your personal involvement and attention to detail are all phenomenal, unsurpassed and as J said surpassed our wildest dreams!!!

Thank you! Thank you!! You have given me the most memorable party I and all my friends, that made such an effort to come, have been floored and loved every minute of it!! I think they will speak of this party forever!!!

The anti-climax is going to be too depressing!!”