Game of Thrones – HBO Sessions

09 / 08 / 13

We are fairly obsessive here at Rare towers. Food, drink & service are our “vices”. Our passions are nothing however, compared to the stark-staring bonkers devotion of the Game of Thrones fan-base. Thronies are truly devoted disciples of George Martin’s books and the amazingly successful HBO show.

When we were asked to deliver a Westeros-style taster menu from a food truck for the season launch we took our responsibility very seriously.

Our hard work paid off and we had queues of knights & damsels in full regalia, following our route round London to try our wares. We actually had to deliver more food on the day as the truck was mobbed!

It was a total adventure for us and this video sums up the process nicely.

A note from our delighted client:

“Many thanks for yesterday – HBO were thrilled with the food and it went down a storm with fans. The extra batches that were whipped up at short notice was also fantastic as this meant we could serve the masses at Finsbury Circus waiting for us (over about 150 people in the queue at first which was great!).

Thanks again”