Mistura um cocktail?

28 / 01 / 14

Brazil has been producing Cachaça since 1532 & Brazilian’s have over 2000 names for their national distillate.

With soubriquets such as abre-coração (heart-opener), bafo-de-tigre (tiger breath), and limpa-olho (eye-wash) care over choice of Cachaça is imperative.

Pitu, Leblon & Velho Barreira are all well-loved choices and we fancy new bottle on the block the artisan-made Abelha organic. White, not the aged golden spirit, is the bona fide option to work with.

Caipirinha etiquette dictates they are NEVER authentically made with gomme syrup only with sugar.

In a strong heavy-bottomed glass place a whole lime cut into 8 wedges, add 4 chopped Kumquat fruits & muddle with 3 heaped teaspoons of WHITE caster sugar. Fill the glass with crushed ice & top with 50ml of your favourite Cachaça.

There’s no need to shake, just cover your glass with your hand and stir up with a mixing spoon, working the goodness through the ice. Finally top the glass up with a touch more crushed ice, push a straw in and you are ready to go.

If you’re feeling fresh you can mix in some mint at the muddling stage or try different fruits and botanicals to suit your taste. Remember to reduce your sugar content in proportion to the sweetness of your various additions.

We like to close our eyes & imagine ourselves sipping one of these on Ipanema beach. Well we can dream (or have another drink).

Tudo bem?